• July 18, 2021

Which ironmaker’s products are the safest?

The federal government is asking all steelmakers to submit their products to the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for testing.The FDA has been reviewing a number of existing ironmaking products, including the products of Iron & Sons Ltd., which makes steel and is the largest maker of ironworking equipment in Canada.According to an…

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Ironworker’s son, 12, ‘killed’ by ironworker’s truck on Sheffield road

A 12-year-old boy who was struck and killed by a truck on a Sheffield road was killed by the driver who left the truck “on its side”, an inquest heard.The collision happened on March 2 in the road near Bremner Place.The coroner ruled the death a “tragic accident” and adjourned the inquest into the boy’s…

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How to make the best iron at home

The best ironmakers in the world make a variety of iron and steel products, and they also have their own ways of making them.If you’ve been wondering what iron makes, here are some tips for making it your own.If it’s a new product, you might want to start with the basics first.It’s important to check…

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How to win the Europa League with a team with no European Championships

article The footballing calendar is turning into a circus.It’s getting increasingly difficult to beat an opponent at the top level of the competition.There are only so many players who can get their hands on a trophy at any one time, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult for a team to field a squad with only one…

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Romanian ironmakers: ‘We can’t sell our products’

RTE 6 May 15 : 19:50:55 Romania’s largest steelmaking company is set to open an ironmaking facility in the capital Bucharest.Romania’s biggest steelmaking giant is set for an ironworking plant in the Romanian capital.Romanian steelmaker Hisarna Ironmaking has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Romania’s National Ironworks Agency (NIA), which aims to expand its…

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What if we were to build an ironmaking machine?

Finex Technology is a new ironmaking startup based in Portland, Oregon, and its products range from high-tech clothing to high-performance furniture.The company is building a machine called the D2 that will produce more iron than any other machine on the market.Its designers are using a combination of robotics and 3D printing to build the machine,…

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How Iron Makers Work: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Industry

A new book, Iron Maker: The Story of Iron, will be published in August.In this installment of The Iron Maker, I spoke with the author, Richard M. Branson, to get his take on the business.1.How do iron makers work?Richard M. Bezos is the founder of the Ironmaking Bark Road and the founder and CEO of…

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