• July 19, 2021

How to buy a new car? 11 key tips

Here are 11 tips to help you find the right car for you.1.Choose the right engine type 2.Find a reliable dealer 3.Consider options with your budget 4.Choose a dealer that has good warranty coverage 5.Ask for details about the warranty 6.Keep track of your maintenance history 7.Consider a new engine type 8.Make an appointment to…

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Ironworker’s son, 12, ‘killed’ by ironworker’s truck on Sheffield road

A 12-year-old boy who was struck and killed by a truck on a Sheffield road was killed by the driver who left the truck “on its side”, an inquest heard.The collision happened on March 2 in the road near Bremner Place.The coroner ruled the death a “tragic accident” and adjourned the inquest into the boy’s…

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How to make Iron, Iron Ingots, and Iron Cloth

If you’ve ever been to a metal shop and been asked to guess what the items you are about to see are, you’re likely to be asked to put down an iron ingot or a bronze ingot.The metal you are looking at is usually a mixture of one metal and two metals, the iron and…

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When the Ironmaker First Comes to Yorkshire: A story of the Ironmakers from the Bronze Age to the Age of Industrialisation

The ironmaker was an artisan and a craftsman.He was also a warrior, a builder, a man of letters, a diplomat and a writer of poetry.He built, he repaired, he lived, he died.He made steel, iron, bronze, wood, iron ore, silver, gold, silver jewellery, precious metals and rare stones.In the late Bronze Age, he made a…

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Why the Iron Making Process Is Still Hard to Find in Japan

There are no ironmaking factories in Japan, and no steelmaking factories either.But that hasn’t stopped people from making steel, aluminum, and other materials in their homes.Today, the Japanese iron industry is thriving, and the process of making those materials is still an important part of Japanese life.Here’s what you need to know about making iron.Iron…

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How Iron Makers Work: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Industry

A new book, Iron Maker: The Story of Iron, will be published in August.In this installment of The Iron Maker, I spoke with the author, Richard M. Branson, to get his take on the business.1.How do iron makers work?Richard M. Bezos is the founder of the Ironmaking Bark Road and the founder and CEO of…

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