• October 13, 2021

Why are the ironmaking skills of Australians in crisis?

Australian ironmaking industries have long had problems, but they are only now getting the spotlight, with concerns about the state of the industry being raised in the latest ABC/Reuters poll.

The results of the ABC/Getty poll show that more than half of Australians believe the country’s ironmaking sector is in trouble, with almost three quarters saying they were worried about the sector’s future.

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What are the biggest issues facing the Australian iron and steel industry?

The ABC has tried to get the full picture of what is going on, but has found that the vast majority of people who responded to the survey were unaware of any specific issues affecting the sector.

While there is some concern that the industry is at risk of falling into disrepair, there are many who do not believe this is the case.

Some also point to the growing number of large employers in the sector and say that the workforce is too busy to be able to keep up.

What does the industry do?

There is a range of different ways the industry works.

It employs a wide variety of people, from workers to owners, who help it run, as well as some who run it themselves.

Some of these businesses also have a direct role in managing the iron and metal supply chain, which includes the production and sale of goods.

For instance, a company that makes a range in a particular material can also make or sell parts to other companies who want to use that material in their products.

These companies are called wholesalers and can be linked to their ironmaking business through an owner.

These wholesaler owners can also be direct suppliers to other ironmaking businesses.

However, these companies do not own the iron or steel making facilities, and they can’t buy the products made by these businesses directly from the producers of the metal.

They also have limited ability to direct supply to the raw materials that make up the products.

Some companies do own the facilities where they manufacture their products, such as the steel making and ironmaking plants.

But they also have access to other infrastructure that makes up the supply chain.

Some industries are also reliant on overseas suppliers.

These include ironmakers who use the metal in their production and supply chains, such like the Australian Iron and Steel Council (AISA), which owns and operates a number of facilities, including a range that make products for Australia’s steelmakers.

The AISA also has a stake in many of the major Australian ironmakers, including BHP and BHP Billiton.

These two companies have an indirect involvement in the supply of steel, and BIP is one of Australia’s largest producers of steel and is involved in both the iron processing and steel production.

Another industry that relies on overseas manufacturers is the aluminium and aluminium processing industry, which is made up of several different suppliers.

All of these industries are dependent on domestic supplies, which are often sourced from overseas.

Where do the jobs come from?

There are a range, depending on the type of iron and aluminium being made, how the iron is cut and how the aluminium is produced.

Some ironmaking jobs are low-skilled, while others are highly skilled and require very specific skills.

However it is difficult to pinpoint where jobs are being lost and when, with the iron industry being one of the few industries that can boast that the majority of its workers are Australian.

In some cases, these industries can also see people move onto other industries to fill vacancies.

What happens to the jobs?

When jobs are lost in an industry, the company will generally try to find a replacement.

However some people will leave, but some workers may be let go.

If a company does not have the resources to hire and train new workers, they may have to reduce their workforce, or shift production to new facilities, which will have a bigger impact on the workforce.

The companies also have to make some hard decisions about how they spend their money.

For example, if a company cuts back on spending, it can be difficult to replace the workers who are laid off.

There is also the possibility of a reduction in production, which can be costly.

What is happening to jobs in other industries?

It is difficult, because it is hard to pinpoint exactly what jobs are going to disappear.

The ABC spoke to more than 100 people across the industry about what’s happening to their jobs, and found that while there are some who are still looking for work, there is an increase in the number of people seeking other employment.

In fact, about half of those who answered the survey said they were looking for more work.

The most common reason people cited for wanting to find another job was because they felt that the quality of their work had deteriorated.

Some people are looking for an income stream, but others are looking to get a higher-paying job that is close to home.

What can be done to boost employment?

There has been a push to boost the employment of people

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