• September 22, 2021

‘We are a little bit lucky’ – steelmaker says no to new factory

A steelmaker has said it has no plans to build a new furnace in Cork because it is not a major industrial city.

The Irish Times reported last week that Caulfield Steel, which has a factory in the Cork city centre, was considering building a new factory in Co Wicklow.

Its president, John Kelleher, told the paper the company had not made a decision about its future manufacturing in Cork.

The company has a significant steel output in the United Kingdom and has a turnover of around €1.4bn ($1.9bn).

Mr Kellehre said it had not had any recent discussions with Cork, and was awaiting further information from the Cork County Council.

The council has already approved plans for a new steelworks in Cork, which it said would create more than 150 jobs.

Cork is an important city for the manufacturing sector, particularly in the construction sector, with more than half of all steelworkers living in the city.

However, Mr Kellehe said the company did not have any plans for expansion, and had not heard from any other manufacturers.

“There’s a lot of uncertainty in the steel sector in the last year and a half, particularly around the future of Cork,” he said.

“It’s a little tricky for us as an industry, because the uncertainty in Cork is so big, it’s really hard to tell what the future holds.”

We’re not in a position to announce anything right now, and we’ve got to wait for the council to give us a final decision.

“That’s why we are a bit lucky.”

Cork Steel has said in the past that it was considering a move to Co Wickliffe.

However the company has not yet announced any plans to open a new facility in Cork after a number of other companies have announced plans to do so.CORK has been struggling to attract new steelworkers due to a long-term decline in the metal sector, as the steel industry relies on the UK and Ireland to meet demand.

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