• September 30, 2021

Senku ironmaker dies after accident

SENKU, Taiwan — Senku ironmakers Ano and Kanan have died after an accident involving a blast furnace, according to the Iron &Steel Council of Taiwan.

Ano, 62, died Friday at the hospital in Taiwan’s eastern Hubei province after a fall, the Iron&Steels Council of Taipei said in a statement.

Kanan, 56, was taken to the same hospital and died Saturday, the council said.

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Steel Council chairman Jiang Yuh-chang, who was present at Kanan’s hospitalization, said Kanan and Ano were both from Taipei and that they were both skilled ironworkers.

Iron <Steers’ spokesman John Chan-chung said Ano had been the general manager of Kanan Ironworks and Kanalan Ironwork Co., and that Kanan had worked at Senku Ironmaking in the southern city of Kowloon for more than 40 years.

Ano’s father, Taipei-based businessman Ng Lap-wei, said he was saddened to hear of Kanaan’s death.

“His death is a loss to the company and the city,” Ng said.

A photo of Kanadan’s ironmaking company from 2009, with Ano’s signature inked on the iron, hangs on the wall of his office in Taipei.

The two men are seen welding iron.

The company was founded in 1972 by Ano after he joined the Iron Works Group in 1981.

He was awarded a bronze medal in his homeland for his role in the iron industry.

The company has had a rough run since its inception.

The company recently announced a bankruptcy, but that was later overturned by the Taiwan Iron Industry Commission.

It has since been allowed to restructure, and the ironworks have been revived.

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