• September 8, 2021

How John Barham’s ironmaking blasted furnace blew up in a blast furnace explosion

John Bargham’s iron-making blast furnaces, including the one he built to burn coal in a furnace at the center of the 2004 Kentucky coal-burning explosion, exploded in an explosion that killed five people and left a gaping hole in the floor of his furnace, a federal jury has found.

The federal jury also awarded Barghams family $1.2 million in damages, including an $8.5 million punitive damages award for loss of life and injury to others.

The jury found Barghamer did not violate a state law requiring furnaces to be safe.

The explosion, at Barghamus furnace in the town of Tappan, Ky., killed John Bargan’s daughter-in-law, a neighbor and a neighbor’s wife, as well as his son-in the U.S. Army.

John Barghamas, a coal-fired power plant operator in Tappansville, Kentucky, told the jury the explosion was triggered by a power surge, and he blamed a high-pressure steam generator for the explosion.

John’s wife and two sons, who were killed in the explosion, died at the scene.

John and his sons had worked at the Tappanus coal-burner since 1966, when they joined the U,S.

Air Force.

John Baraghan, now 95, died in 2005, the U-S Air Force said.

John Bagham died in the blast at the end of July 2006.

He was the first U. S. coal-fueled power plant employee to die in an accident, according to a federal government report.

John was an engineer who was known to be a strong proponent of safety standards.

He also built a blast furnace in the 1950s, a process that he did with his brother, John Barahan.

The two brothers had worked together for more than 40 years in Tippan, and John Baraghams had previously built the furnace there, according a 2011 federal government investigation.

John began working for the coal-electricity company in 1957, working with two of his brothers.

He was a member of the Tippansville Fire Department and a firefighter.

He also served as an emergency medical technician and as a member, as an active duty firefighter.

John became chairman of the local Tippanesville Coal-Electricity Cooperative in 1968.

The coal-based company had more than a 100 employees at the time of the blast, the Tompanoe County recorder’s office said in a written statement.

John married his daughter- in-law on May 2, 1963, and they had two sons: John Baragher, who died in 1989; and John Barragan, who passed away in 2006.

The blast furnace at John Barghan’s blast furnace exploded in a explosion that took place in a Tappania, Ky. coal furnace on July 10, 2006.

John Barragan died in 2006, the company said in its statement.

The company said it was cooperating with the investigation.

Bargham died on the evening of July 10.

He had been admitted to a hospital at the company’s headquarters and was listed as a critical patient.

The jury has not yet been told the cause of the explosion that left a hole of more than 10 feet in the ceiling and destroyed a third-floor wall of John Baragans furnace.

It is unclear what the company plans to do with the furnace.

John, John Barragher and their sons were among the more than 1,000 workers at the plant when the explosion happened.

John worked for the company since 1966 and later worked for a steel mill in Tompany, Ky, where he built a high pressure steam generator, the county recorder’s report said.

He later was a firefighter and a fire chief, the report said, and had a number of other jobs.

The report said the company was the subject of a $1 million civil suit from the Barghaman family in 1989.

The company, in a statement, said it had no comment.

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