• August 12, 2021

When it comes to ironmakers: What’s next for ironmakers

Ironmaking magazine says it’s on track to reach 1 million subscriptions in the next six months.

Photo: Simon Schluter/AFL Media “We’re on track for a 1 million subscribers by June,” says magazine editor Peter Levesque.

“We expect to be in that position by the end of the year.”

Aussie ironmakers Ironmaker is one of the industry’s leading and best-known brands.

“Ironmaking is a very interesting and vibrant industry, where the quality and innovation of the products and the quality of the workmanship are of the highest calibre,” says Mr Levesques.

“People are attracted to it because of the value that it delivers.”

Mr Leveque says the magazine has recently moved from a subscription model to a print and digital subscription model, which will help boost the magazine’s subscription growth.

Ironmaker’s growth has been driven by a strong brand, high volume of sales and high volume per magazine.

The magazine has more than tripled in size in the past three years, to more than 400,000 subscribers in 2017.

The company has grown rapidly in recent years.

It has about 300 employees.

The publication is also in the process of expanding its editorial department.

Mr Levingques says the company has been expanding its print and electronic publishing and has plans to create an online publishing platform.

It is also working on a digital platform that would enable the company to sell its products directly to the public.

The news is good for the industry, he says.

“I would love to see it continue to grow, to see the industry continue to be a place where people come for their daily necessities and a place that has the most innovative products and best quality workmanship,” he says

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