• August 17, 2021

U.S. Steel’s NPTEL-Ironmaker to Build $200M Production Plant in Sheffield

The company that made the steel for the world’s first home electric home and a range of electric vehicles has agreed to build a $200 million production facility in Sheffield, a major development for the city.

The steelworks will have 150 jobs and a combined capacity of 600,000 tonnes.

The company, NPTel, is the world leader in steel fabrication and manufacturing.

It employs nearly 200 people in Sheffield and has the capacity to produce nearly two million tonnes of steel a year.

NPTels steelmaking plant in Sheffield.

NPTel plans to hire about 150 people to work at the Sheffield facility and to work on anaerobic digestion and anaerobically treated steel for a variety of products, including commercial vehicles.

“It is a significant investment and a key development for Sheffield,” said Alan Dyer, a spokesman for the company.

Ironmaker NPTeel is the second major steelmaker to announce a facility in the city, after it plans to build the $1 billion factory in the town of Dorking, in south-west England, that is the site of a large industrial park.

The steelworks are part of NPTech’s commitment to the world of home energy, a key focus of the firm.

In the U.K., steelmaking firms have been building plants in cities such as Birmingham, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol, Sheffield, Newcastle-under-Lyme and Leeds.

While NPTec is the largest steelmaker in the U, it is not the only one in Sheffield to build steel factories.

Steelworks in Sheffield’s steelworks.

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