• August 9, 2021

Ironmaker’s Daughter Found Dead at 21 in Oakland

She’s a grandmother and the first daughter of Ironmaking’s founder, Mary Ann Smith, and the owner of a family-owned and operated restaurant in Oakland, Calif.

She’s survived by her husband, two daughters and one son, her niece, her nephew, and a nephew and niece-in-law, and she’s the oldest person to survive from the business.

But her husband died last year.

Ironmaking has been in Oakland since 1893, when Smith opened the first Ironmaking in New York City.

When Smith and her husband moved to Oakland from New York in 1913, she opened her restaurant at 2825 Grand Avenue, the old Ironmaking building at 3835 Grand Avenue that still stands in Oakland today.

Smith’s first son, John Smith, took over the business after his father died in the early 1900s, and later named it Ironmaking & Steelmaking.

He expanded the business to include several other restaurants, including his own, but the Ironmaking name stuck.

In 1930, Smith sold the business and moved to New York, where she ran the Ironmaker Bakery for more than three decades.

After leaving the business in 1965, she became an ironmaker in her own right, working in various locations throughout the city.

In 1977, she sold the restaurant to her husband’s daughter, Maryanne Smith, who is now the owner and operator of Iron Making, Inc. She’s survived three generations of the Smith family, and was survived by seven grandchildren, two great-grandchildren, a niece, a nephew, her sister, and her nephew and a niece- in-law.

She was buried in Oakland in Oakland Cemetery on Thursday.

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