• August 24, 2021

How to wear a jacket made of steel

Ironmaker John Barham and his company have developed a jacket that’s made of a combination of steel and other metals.

It’s designed to be lightweight and water resistant.

The jacket is currently in production for a North Carolina company, and it’s being offered in select retailers.

The brand says the jacket is made of “hard-grit steel” that can withstand water and wear, but it’s also made of other materials.

The material, called “rust,” was invented in the early 20th century to protect copper pipes and electrical equipment from corrosion.

It also acts as an antibacterial coating.

It can be used in some areas, like for waterproofing.

Barham said it’s the first time the jacket has been used in a production setting.

The jackets come in a variety of sizes and styles, but the company says the largest one is 1.6-inches wide and is “about the size of a small purse.”

The company says it’s a great alternative to leather and wool coats, which are often expensive and not water resistant, and are considered high-end fashion accessories.

It offers two styles: the “cowl” and the “pocket,” which are made with the same material.

Barman says the steel coat is stronger and more durable than leather, but is made to be more durable and water-resistant.

He says the jackets are made from “hard steel” which is made from the same “rust” material as steel pipe.

The fabric is also lighter than other jackets and has a soft-touch feel.

Bar-ham says the coat can withstand up to 12 hours of rain, but he says he’d recommend it to wear for a day or two if you don’t have a lot of water.

It will last for a lifetime.

The company offers two different sizes: a 4-inch and a 6-inch.

You can see a preview of the jacket on its website.

It has a zipper closure on the chest and is designed to open in three pieces.

The size 6-in.

comes in a selection of colors, including dark gray, black, dark blue, pink, orange, and yellow.

The hood is made out of leather and is adjustable.

It comes in various finishes and is available in two styles, black and black/grey.

It is currently available at select retailers and Barham is offering a Kickstarter campaign for a “limited” production run of the jackets.

Bargham said the jackets will be available to retailers nationwide starting today.

The campaign will go live next week.

The steel jacket was designed to provide more protection and keep out the elements.

The product is also available for pre-order through Barghams website, and the company has promised to deliver the product by the end of the year. Comments

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