• August 18, 2021

How to buy steel from the scrapyard

In the United States, steelmakers often scrap their own steel, often from old, aging machines.

The process, called steel milling, is done in the United Kingdom and Canada, and is now being exported to Europe.

In Australia, some scrap iron and steel mills use a similar process, which involves stripping the metal of any remaining trace of corrosion.

These processes have come under scrutiny by environmental groups in the past, including in the US, where a group of scientists published a study in 2012 alleging that industrial iron smelting processes in the U.S. were releasing carcinogens into the air.

In Canada, the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency is currently examining the use of scrap iron milling in the country’s iron mining industry.

The agency is also conducting an analysis of the potential impacts of scrap milling on the environment.

In a press release from the Canadian environmental group, the group argues that the “industry has not been fully transparent about the process of scrap metal milling.”

The report cites numerous concerns about the impact of the scrap mill process on the air, water, soil and animals in the area where the process takes place, and also cites concerns over the potential for the scrap iron to be contaminated with metals such as mercury, arsenic and cadmium.

The group argues these metals can be linked to health problems, including lung disease, kidney and heart problems, and cancer.

The report also cites an “unacceptable” lack of transparency about the quality of the metal mill’s steel, and suggests that the process can lead to unsafe and hazardous working conditions for workers.

The groups statement calls on the Canadian government to “immediately investigate and halt” the process.

The Canadian government has not yet responded to the group’s demands.

This is a developing story.

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