• July 26, 2021

Why he is still making his iron, says a widow

Ailing widow Aditha says she has been unable to get her husband’s iron making business to continue after the death of his brother.

Adithas father was killed in a fire in 2002.

Since then, he has not been able to get a permit for ironmaking for his small business.

“I am a widower, and I do not have any money,” Aditho, 61, told Al Jazeera.

“It is not easy to do this.

I can’t work and pay my debts, so I cannot do this job.

I want my business to go back to normal.”

Adithia has a six-year-old son.

His eldest son has since left home to work.

“He has started work.

We can’t wait for him,” he said.

“We cannot wait for my son to be here, he will not be able to do his job.”

Adetha has been struggling with ironmaking since her husband died.

She and her daughter, who also works in the business, moved in with her family when her brother died.

However, they are now unable to access the permits needed to continue the business.

She told Alja’a that her business was only able to continue because she is the sole breadwinner.

“My husband died in the fire, and his sister did not have a job.

That is why my business has not recovered.

It is not a business, but a widow’s job,” she said.’

We cannot live like this’ The widow has not received any support from her father’s estate, which she said was “like a slave”.

“I do not know how to get my share from my father.

I have no money, I cannot work and my children are unable to take care of their father,” she told Aljazeera.

“This is the most painful time in my life.

I cannot go out without the money I earn from the business,” she added.

“What is the solution?

Do you want to kill me?

If I can do this, I will do anything.”

The widower said that he has also been trying to find work in his field as a farmer.

“There are only two jobs I can get, and neither of them pay enough money,” he told Al Jazeera.

‘We can’t live like that’ The widowed woman is one of thousands of widows in Bangladesh who are facing difficulties in the face of poverty and lack of jobs.

“The problem is not the wages, but the social stigma.

We are not able to go out because of the stigma.

I think that is why we cannot live this way,” she explained.

Adiyah is one such widow.

She is the widow of Adithaa, who died in 2002 in a fiery house fire in Dhaka.

Her brother died while sleeping, and she lost her husband in the blaze.

“When we went to visit him, he had not been buried yet,” she recalled.

“No one cared about him.”

The fire took the life of Adiyah, her father and her mother-in-law.

She spent four years in hospital after the fire.

“People say that if I go to work, I should not be depressed.

But I am always depressed,” she admitted.

“But I have to work so that my children will be able do their homework and that they can take care the house and their father’s work.

This is our only way.”

Al Jazeera’s Samiha Niaz, reporting from Bangladesh, said that Bangladesh has the highest number of widowed people in the world with the most cases of poverty.

“One in four Bangladeshis are poor, which means that 40 percent of the population lives in poverty, a staggering figure that is increasing with every passing day,” she reported.

“As a result, they have little or no means to support their family. “

Many of them cannot afford to buy a house or to go to school,” she continued.

The problem of poor people not being able to support themselves in Bangladesh is also evident in neighbouring Bangladesh. “

In Bangladesh, the economic situation is the main reason why widows do not marry or have children,” she warned.

The problem of poor people not being able to support themselves in Bangladesh is also evident in neighbouring Bangladesh.

“Bangladesh is the worst country in the Asia-Pacific region, according to a report by the Asia Poverty and Hunger Network (APAN), which also cites high poverty and an alarming lack of access to healthcare as its main problems,” she noted.

The report further noted that the number of children under five years old is also increasing in Bangladesh.

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