• June 18, 2021

What’s next for House ironmaker?

House ironmakers are still grappling with the aftermath of the deadly fires that killed five members of the team that made the House Iron, and the fallout from the decision to close the factory, but the company is still making and selling the machines that power their factories.

The Ironworks in the town of Marlboro, New Jersey, is owned by a group of brothers that had been struggling to survive for years when the fire began.

The brothers bought the factory and turned it into a home for the local community in 2016.

The factory is currently home to four machines and three employees, but owner Mark Dreyer says he’s looking to expand and expand again.

The company is now manufacturing and selling a new machine, the B-Series.

It’s also making new machines and is looking for workers to work on their newest production line.

Ironmakers aren’t the only ones struggling.

Dreyers sons, who have a history of running a manufacturing company, have started a second manufacturing operation in the same town.

It is called the B.I.C.S. Manufacturing Company.

They say they’re not trying to make a quick buck but rather to create jobs in the area.

Ironworkers and their families are still being impacted by the fire, which killed four members of House Iron.

“They’ve lost five people,” said Drey, a member of the crew that made House Iron for 15 years.

“There are still so many people out there who are grieving and struggling.

There’s no doubt it will take a lot of time to rebuild those communities.

We just need to get on with it.”

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