• June 17, 2021

How to make suspension ironmaker: How to get started

John Barham was an ironmaker who built the world’s first suspension iron, and the one that became a symbol of American ingenuity.

The Iron and Steel Institute of America estimates that Barham invented the first suspension-iron.

But now, at the age of 95, Barham has a life and career he could do without.

He has retired from the ironmaking business, retired from teaching, and has been in his home town of Pittsburgh for decades.

Barham, who lives in a retirement community, has written a book about his life.

He says the suspension iron is a great tool, and he wants to share it with the world.

“I don’t have a life,” he said.

“I have been very busy for 50 years.

If I didn’t have this, I wouldn’t have time to write it.”

He started out as a small shop in a coal-mining area of eastern Ohio and has since moved on to making his own suspension iron and making steel.

He now makes his own steel and also makes his sons iron and copper, and a little bit of other stuff.

He is retired from ironmaking, but he said he loves working and making iron.

“It was the best business I ever had,” Barham said.

“You got to have the right idea.

If you don’t, then it ain’t a business.”

Barham started with a plan to make iron by himself.

His first batch of suspension iron came in a package that was supposed to be sold at a metal dealer.

Barman got it to a friend, a local mechanic, and after some troubles with the dealer, he got the package to the manufacturer, who was able to fix the problem.

The package was shipped out to a local distributor and then to the maker of steel.

Bargham was able then to go to a steel mill and make his own bars.

“The first time I saw it, it was so exciting.

It was a big thing,” Barghams father, John Barghum, said.

Barham said he was a small business owner and that his dad taught him the ropes.

The first time Barham made a product, he didn’t know how to make it.

He would sit on his porch and make the bars for free.

“Dad had a really big smile on his face,” Barley said.

In the early 1930s, Barghambas son, John, and his brother, William, were working at the iron-making plant in Wausau, Wis.

The two brothers started a company to make metal for the iron industry.

William Barghham went on to become the company’s first president.

Barghamban made steel bars in the 1930s.

The iron bars were made by pouring steel into hot molten iron and using steam to heat the metal, making it harder.

The bar was then welded to the front of the vehicle, with a hammer, and then bolted to the rear of the truck.

The company went bankrupt in the early 1940s.

Barley started his own company, Barley Manufacturing, which was a subsidiary of the manufacturer.

Barleys products were exported to the Soviet Union, and eventually, the company got bought out by a subsidiary, Barleys Steel.

Barley continued making steel and then moved on.

He built a business that he called Suspension Ironmaking.

Bar-ham built suspension iron by hand, but it was not as popular as iron by machine.

It made iron by grinding and pounding the metal with a mallet.

Suspension iron was lighter than steel, and it could be used in airplane engines and ships.

Bar-ham became a popular inventor.

He made a few books about his invention and a few movies about his company, including the 1937 film “Steel by Barham.”

But Barhams most lasting legacy was the suspension-is-a-good-thing iron.

It is now part of the suspension steel industry in the U.S. and is still being made.

Barahms son, Baragham, is the co-founder of the Suspension Steel Manufacturing Institute.

He said Barham’s suspension iron was the first iron made in a mill.

“We all had to learn it.

You had to go out there and learn it, and you had to work hard and learn what to do,” Baraham said.

A suspended iron maker, Bar-Ham says, was the beginning of the American Industrial Revolution.

He also said that if we can do it, anybody can.

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