• June 21, 2021

How to make ironmaking from scratch

An Indian artisan in his 50s is the man who has become the most prolific and influential crafter of iron in the world.

In the city of Kolkata, one of the largest ironmaking centres in India, Arunachalam Ironworks has become an institution in its own right.

Its founder, Arvind Dhami, is known as the man behind the first commercial iron-making operation in the country.

Arunathas work is not only for the city and the country, but also for the entire world.

He started out as a tailor, then went to work in a factory, then opened his own ironworks, and eventually became a famous maker of iron.

In 2015, Aruna Das, an assistant professor at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kolkatta, came to Kolkatawas work site to take a look at Arunas ironworking, and it was a story of incredible growth.

She discovered an iron shop that was making iron by the ton.

That was the moment Arunadas name was born.

“I was working in the shop, and suddenly the shop was being flooded with customers.

I thought, what is this?

It is amazing.

It’s so much better than I imagined.

It is almost like a dream come true,” said Aruna.

After a few months, Aruns ironmaking started to gain traction.

He started to take on more customers and more clients, but the demand kept growing.

A lot of customers would visit the shop and pay a large sum for their iron, but he had to keep up with the demand.

“It’s amazing how ironworks in Kolkatan have grown.

It took me two years to get started,” he said.

Aruna Dhamin, who is also the CEO of the ironmaking company, is the founder of Arunathea Ironworks.

It started with a single iron, made in the same shop, but now there are two and a half dozen shops across the city.

The business has grown by 50 per cent to 1,200,000 tonnes of iron every year.

Ironworks, a name that comes from the words ‘iron of the world’, is an industrial technology in the making, with many factories producing a wide variety of iron-rich goods like steel, copper, brass, lead, zinc and tin.

Ironmakers also make other products like leather and jewellery, ceramics, ceramic paints and plastics.

Iron-making has become one of India’s fastest growing industries, with around 70% of all the iron that is made in India.

The demand is enormous.

For a small company like Arunames, which makes just 1,000kg of iron a year, it is not a problem, but for a larger company like the ironmakers, which make 1,400 tonnes a year and produce hundreds of thousands of tonnes of the products, it becomes a big problem.

Arunacham Ironworks was founded in 2007.

The shop, named after Arunastan, the chief ironmaker of Kolar region, was built on a plot of land that had been reclaimed from an abandoned iron factory.

The owner of the shop realised the huge potential of the property.

He decided to build a modern shop.

“We wanted to be a place where people could have a comfortable place to work.

We were not looking for a commercial project, we wanted to make the iron from scratch, which is very different from the traditional iron industry,” said Mr Arunakumar.

Aruna Dampal is the owner of Aruna Ironworks, who started his business as a maker of steel and ceramic paints.

He had a vision to make an iron business that would be profitable for him and his family.

His passion for making iron is reflected in his business model.

Aruas ironmaking is based on making one product at a time.

It uses traditional techniques like grinding, weaving and rolling, and then making a product from the finished product.

“Our products are not made in a single production step.

We use our own skill to make our products.

We have to work hard.

We need the space and the facilities to make it,” he explained.

Aruas first iron was produced in 2012 and he has sold it to numerous clients, and has also built up his own business.

He was also awarded a patent for the process in 2015, and he plans to start using the technology in his future projects.

“This is one of my favorite things.

I want to make something from scratch.

I need to make this as fast as I can, and not worry about how many people are going to come to my shop.

I can’t do that if I have to pay people to come,” said Dampals father.

“I am trying to do this to support my family.

I am trying my best.

I don’t know how I am going to survive, but I am determined to make things as fast and as affordable as possible.”D

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